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Because the canary died years ago and theres no telling who really runs this platform. But thats a real good hint to who runs it.

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Meh... I'll copy paste something here & let faggots be the judge.

Alright, where to start...

Kape technologies, previously known as CrossRider founded by Koby Menachemi, ex spy from unit 8200.

"Unit 8200 (Hebrew: יחידה 8200‎, Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim) is an Israeli Intelligence Corps unit responsible for collecting signal intelligence (SIGINT) and code decryption. It also appears in military publications as the Central Collection Unit of the Intelligence Corps and is sometimes referred to as Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU)."

A lot more info here, both the article & comments are relevant. Notice the owner of PIA being the on the top.


Now PIA pre acquisition :

Known to sponsor servers for projects such as Snoonet (Reddit IRC), FreeNode, and much more.

https://freenode.net/ <--- Get back to that at the end.


They also aquired projects they only started as sponsors for, ie :

What they said in 2018 :


What happened in 2019 :



What other projects and people are under PIA ?

Well, there's Karpeles lab



The Mt Gox (member them ?) CEO was hired as CTO despite his criminal conviction in Japan.

Ok, so now on to Voat.

In the past XX months we went from Putt keeping us informed of his work & being very active in the community. X months ago a first wave of ddos, Putt still being himself. X months ago a 2nd wave of ddos, the "Now Hiring" followed by the "Where We Find Ourselves" post and nothing more.

- Redacted -

Now for the interesting bit. Out of the blue a goat discovered an inactive page, https://voat.co/about. The regular page is https://voat.co/content/about. The 2 important things are on the bottom of that page, what's the contact email & who owns the Voat mascot?

Hello@edon.garden & Edon ---> http://Edon.Garden

That name has been in the code for some time now, at least X months. The "new" contact email's domain was registered in March & updated mid June.

Guess who's chaperoning that project ?

Imperial Family, the new London Trust Media, post merger with Kape Technologies.


So... shady as fuck (((Kape))) buys PIA (LTM), they rebrand as Imperial Family and suddenly Edon appears as one of their projects. The inactive page links to the same site, it's in the code & Putt is MIA.

Who's running the ship ?

Is Putt under an NDA? Is he still part owner?

Is Edon a cover to finance Voat ?

Did he get financed to code for a different project based on his work here?

Is Voat now officially a honeypot to put people on a list ? To doxx or worse ?

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This is worthy of it's own post in my humble opinion. I know I've heard the name Edon in a negative light in the past year, just wish I could recall the details, think it may have been on Freemantv. Hopefully it'll come back to me.

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I asked Putt about the Edon stuff when he popped into chat one day. He said Edon is now the name of the platform/software that Voat runs on. He seemed to be implying that the software is in the works to be rolled out for other websites, and not just for Voat.

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https://edon.garden.ipaddress.com/ (details about the address)

41 references to 'edon' in the source of that about page, but edon.garden (cute) is a blank page with only a "e letter in black background" on the page.

And wtf is 'edon'? Some kind of cult or secret society? What's their reason for choosing that particular name?


Excerpts-on-Twins_FT | Resonance | Human Sexuality - Scribdwww.scribd.com › document › Excerpts-on-Twins-FT

Coupling to open the passages to the Jhardon of Edon for ourselves and for (parts of) Earth and all Earth's matter/life forms should they be capable of picking up ...


Hermeneutics | Interfaith forumswww.interfaith.org › ... › Christianity

A major part of the Theology that Plato developed to make scripture conform to what ... The Jhardon of Edon holds our Divine Blue Print and we will return to that ...

What the heck is going on here?

It gets weirder.

Thousands of references to "edon" in books and documents, if you want to go further: https://krysthl.org/Docs/SR_Edon.pdf

Here's the result of searching one of the titles:


Here's the header and a section of that same title:

File : 2007_12TribesVol2_scan.pdf

Title : 12 Tribes Volume 2 transcript

Subject : 12 Tribes Volume 2 scan of the binder

Author : MCEO Freedom Teachings

Keywords :

Page: 8

involving the middle Edon domains, and the Adon Hub domains. It required understanding


Page: 9

is the middle Edon domain template. Then the two Tribe sets were going to

Page: 10

or into the Edons first, which would be the middle domains. I just want

Page: 12

of the middle Edon domains. That was Tribe 12 Class ll"s job. Right? Yeah.

Page: 16

domain body, or Edon domain body, and our outer domain body. Beyond that we

see where the Edon body chakras run. Where they interface with ours. You can

Page: 21

started from this Edon, or started from this line of core inner Edon and

of core inner Edon and then outer, they would be able to take, at

back into the Edon levels, for rebirth there, but it would be like stepping

Page: 22

back into the Edon that it came from, and go through another coming out

Page: 25

Waters of the Edons Umshaddhi The MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series Presented by Adashi

Page: 26

(Eckasha Radonic-Edonic-Adonic Tri-Matrix Co-operative) In the name of the

Page: 27

(Eckasha Radonic-Edonic-Adonic Tri-Matrix Co-operative) In the name of the

Page: 34

go into their Edon levels and then the Adons and then the Etons at

Page: 35

Starfire, into its Edon levels. We came out of the Edons and we go

out of the Edons and we go back into the Edons- from the outer

back into the Edons- from the outer domains. The Edons of the middle domains

outer domains. The Edons of the middle domains come out from there into the

back into the Edons again This is the beginning. This was not going to

Page: 39

into like the Edon domains. But you"d have to go all the way up

go into the Edons with Starfire Others will stay to run the nurseries. Because

go to the Edon domains of the Sirius B star, and when you graduated

Okay, it looks like this whole document is associated with the MCEO Freedom Teachings (MCEO = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) and something called ARhAyas Productions - EAsha Ashayana. A cult or religion? It sure is a whole load of weirdness, and why is voat associated with this?

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i guess mossad will kill me then

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"canary"? Stop being a dumbass. It's down to the CCP restrictions. Anyone can start 3 threads a day. Negative scp (points for starting threads) means nothing. CCP (comment points) are important. You need over 10 CCP to start more threads. This jesus pedo guy can only start 3 threads a day. If he comments he can only make 10 a day. He cannot put clickable URLs in comments. Even anonymous comments count. There is a very easy way around it, but I'm not saying anything

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The canary died years ago indicating that putt was hit with a gag order over govt interference in the site. Meaning we have no clue who controls the site. What is retarded about that? Disregarding this present situation what ive said is still fact.

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NSFL you fuck. I don't want that shit in my fucking history.

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Seriously man. Give a brother a warning on that link.

If you haven’t clicked it DONT! It’s little kid pictures.

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When the topic is pedos it's always safe to assume the worst.

I get it though

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Shit went to edit a typo and hit the link. Fuck.

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I am not happy that I clicked on that.

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Same here...maybe a warning.

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Dude dont link directly to his pedo-filled search

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At first I thought he was just posting pedo sympathizing shit or something like that. But nope. It's an actual, goddamn pedo. Fuck you man, I had to scrub everything after clicking that.

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I was under the impression that once you go negative, you can only post once every 24 hours.

What the hell is going on?

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Yeah, that was specifically the rule. If you have negative points, you can only post once per 24 hrs. This guy is able to keep posting somehow.

Apparently something changed. I'll ping u/PuttItOut on the off chance this isn't something he intended.

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If it was an anon sub it would make sense. But it's v/whatever

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@PuttItOut, please respond. I think you're gonna get a slew of pings about this user's account until it's addressed.

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Why is this asshole posting here? It is not for community or common interest. All his posts meet extreme hostility and downvotes.

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Because when the time comes all they have to do is point to the content and poof. Voat’s gone.

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This is the answer.

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Subversion, demoralization, discredit the site.

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Warning to those about to click. Fucked up pedo images is all the dude posts.

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