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Maybe if the Chinese breed with the niggers, the resulting niggachinks will make good coolies.

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Chiggers, what a fucking nightmare

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They're still working on an AIDS vaccine. They still need non-lethal common cold viruses engineered with HIV protein hooks, like the one that leaked out of Wuhan, to continue studying the problem.

Once the resident African population is made biohazard-free, they can be used to ease the severe shortage of Asian females.

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Just considering that pairing for a moment, that would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, plus the Chinese hate blacks.

If I had to guess, I would take a shot at a manufactured virus being used to wipe out blacks from Africa and then they move in to occupy the land. With a worldwide "pandemic" underway, it is the perfect cover.

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Just when you think the Chinese couldn't get any worse, they go and totally redeem themselves.

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they can be used to ease the severe shortage of Asian females.

Is that really an objective?

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They implemented a "one child" birth control policy, but didn't first quash the traditional Chinese expectation that parents will become dependent on their grown children in old age.

So parents made sure their "one child" would have earning power, by selectively aborting any conceived females.

End result: country full of angry young bachelors. Yes, a very serious objective.

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my advice to people worrying about china colonizing africa: buy popcorn, sit back,

and enjoy the show

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I'm not worried, I'm hoping those African genes get bred out or the Chinese get all barbaric again and wipe out a bunch. I've already got the popcorn

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Who fucking cares?

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Everyone for obvious reasons

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Shut up