[–] blackguard19 ago 

Radical Islamic terrorism is a fake, government-issued problem for stupid people to worry about while actual bad things happen.

Name a “radical Islamic terrorist” attack and I bet I can still, even with internet censorship, find a lot of evidence that it was staged.

[–] Doglegwarrior [S] ago 

islam as a religion along with judiasm is fundamentaly a problem. the muslims are like the borg or like the swarm or like fucking braindead zombies. no white freedom loving man wants any part of that shit. their goal is to take over the world they dont even hide this. it is a sand nigger religion so is judiasm it has nothing to do with the white europeams who were originaly from europe. its fucking insane we let these ssnd niggers do this to us. what have they done for the world?

[–] God_bless_America ago 

No more FF mass shootings either I guess all the nuts evaporated, no wait, ..... they’ve taken up brick throwing now !!

[–] Diggernicks ago 

Well biden is catholic so he's a fan of the nwo