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No, because if they cared about business they wouldn't have shut everything down.

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What does a despot care as long as they profit? American capitalism has always given no ucks about spending $100 of your dollars so they can make $1

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That's true, but would still mean they shot themselves in the foot very hard for very little. The negative return doesn't make sense. I'm sure there's fuckery afoot but offloading masks is small time.

[–] FreeinTX ago 

The "despots" making the decisions are in government, not the capitalist free market, and they "profit" from the power grab not the masks.

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tbh, it's bc women are allowed to vote and jews killed lincoln before he could send the niggers back.

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i don't wear masks, and you shouldn't either

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The real reason is mind control. The more you are reminded about something the more it enters your consciousness (see "Availability Heuristic"). If you constantly remind someone they are a victim, they will fall into the victim loop. If you remind someone about 9/11, they will allow you to put in body scanners at the airport and monitor all your internet activity.

In the case of the facemasks, by wearing them (even if you know that covid is a pure hoax) you are allowing oligarchs to co-opt your voice and you are subliminally screaming "THE VIRUS, THE VIRUS!" to anyone that sees the mask. This way, the population will be all buttered up for contact tracing level tracking and forced mass vaccinations.

If you wear the mask, you are complicit in the lie.

To your other point, yes, these fuckers are also doubling up and making a shit ton of money and doing money laundering through the sale of these masks. They're going to in the end make your children pay the debt of this new "safety precaution".

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No, the shelf life for masks is long enough that they would have been able to eventually get rid of their product without a loss.

The ccp bribed the dems and they're just following through with their side of the contract.

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Yes! Excellent point.

[–] DrShillman ago 

Not really. It just gives pussies a false sense of security and makes them feel like they're doing good. Except you can't fucking control a microscopic virus. But reason is for evil racists.

[–] loratheelf ago 

Possible. But they can probably sell them cheap the week or so before National Mask Burning Day.

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