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This country deff did take a nose dive and has been spiraling toward a crash landing since women got voting rights........ they don’t think like men, they’re not problem solvers, they think with emotion that’s what they’re wired to do....... they should stay home nurturing their kids and in kitchen making samwiches :)

That’s where they shine, deff not in any position of power ..

[–] piss_factory ago 

Nice try blaming women, it's when men brought over slaves. We should've left them to continue eating where they shit.

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JEWS brought over slaves. JEWS are not men.

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Fuck you, you little toad. I'm a wife and mother and grandmother. I've done plenty and I am a terrific problem solver with a degree in computer science. Ran home with no outside help including repairs and maintenance on all sorts of things in the home . All 4 adult children have good jobs , have children and are not mindless little fuckers who hang around on the computer dividing people up with bullshit rants like yours.

I do have the right to vote and I am not giving it up.

Trump 2020🇺🇸

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and she starts off with a big emotional outburst, "Fuck you, you little toad." and continues with the emotional outburst.

Repeal the 19th.

[–] 0rion ago 

Decent boomer LARP, I give it 4/10.

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You gonna tell your SO that she can' vote anymore?

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Lol what a boomer take. Yeah, go ask the BOSS if that's okay AHYUCK AHYUCK

[–] newoldwave ago 

says the gay wad who's SO is another guy

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OP doesn't realize women voting means you get to vote twice.

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And? Are you scared of women or something?

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We arent. Dont bother trying.

[–] MuhTriggersGuise ago 

We're not. Focus on something a little less far fetched from your list of what should change. Pick your battles.

[–] Smartcookie3 ago 

Come on, blame the media and brainwashing. Everyone needs to be educated on the real world, we have been manipulated forever. Quit pointing fingers.

[–] J_Darnley ago 

so called

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my wife is an educated woman but she gets confused as to whether she's voting at a State/Territory level or the Federal level! Quite amusing really.

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The 19th will be repealed after America falls. America isn't special. All societies fail at some point

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