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Because social media loses money. They are subsidies of our intelligence apparatus.

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They sell data to anyone and everyone, really, not just the alphabet agencies.

But that's the thing: The only way "social media" can provide "free" service and still function and be profitable is by being sleazy and despicable and selling out their users. Which is why they all are the way they are, and why no decent alternatives survive becoming popular. You can run it at a loss on a small scale, but once you get big you either become what you hated or you have to shut down.

Nothing good is ever free.

The real problem is people falling for it, or continuing to be compliant in spite of knowing better, thereby empowering those that seek to exploit them. Not only regarding social media, for that matter.

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Even selling all those ads and your private data isn't near profitable enough to keep the server farms running. Mainly because there is no way to quantitize how valuable that information is at making you buy some person product who buys your data or advertises using it. Even if there was there is no guarantee that you'll be able to sell the data at a price that covers the cost of storing handling and processing it all because the vast majority of the data is useless bullshit yet you have to keep all of it. Facebook, Twitter, Google are feeding at the trough of free handout money from the fed either directly or through a series of intelligence programs. Thats what really keeps them alive and the true value of the data is for large scale population control and psyops because even the most inane of it is still valuable for those things.

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Isn’t that what gab/ Parler were supposed to be

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Minds, Steemit, Diaspora, ZeroNet are the biggest ones I think. Anything that promotes itself as conservative are more like honeypots for conservatives. Doesn't Parler require even more personal information than facehook? The creator of Parler is literally named "Matze".

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Kinda sad how fast gab cucked over

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Voat is the alternative.

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Not when Voat allows the "Loli" subverse to exist. It's difficult to tell people about this site with that shit here. Cutesy girl are one thing but that stuff is full on nude preteens. It's not an aesthetic at that point, it's salacious.

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I didn't even know there was a Loli subverse on Voat. I only visit front and /all, and I block all NSFW stuff as well as a few specific subverses.

I hear what you are saying though, if I ever tell anyone about Voat I'll be sure to tell them what to block.

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It's a fine line. The OP asked for no censorship, and banning things that are not illegal is censorship?

The great reddit purge started with a few subs, and suddenly now it is a libtard mecca. Choose your poison.

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What the hell is 'loli' ??

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and WHY isn't INDIVIDUAL blocking ( you can block ANY user(s) you find offensive to you with just ONE CLICK on THEIR profile page) used INSTEAD of "moderators" banning people due to vague "Rules" and PREFERENCES???

Then you NEVER see ANY post of that user again. Filter. YOU, not EVERYBODY.

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They exist... no one is visiting them. It could be due to their unpopularity, their clunkiness, also because creating yet another echo chamber is what started all this bullshit. It is my understanding that many of these places start out as viable alternatives to the mainstream but then they gradually adjust their TOS until they wind up censoring the same topics as elsewhere. Then there is also the efforts the mainstream makes to ensure alternatives fail

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or, perhaps its that alternatives to the jew dont get propped up by jew money.

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They are probably sabotaged

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They can't grow because if they have any financial transactions at all, the (((banks))) will shut them down unless they censor.

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Or men don't have the same hobbies as 14 year old girls. Social media is for faggots. Anything that is predicated on cultivating a look or image for oneself is inherently feminine and hence only faggots.

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There was a FB alternative, the TeaPartyCommunity. I got kicked from it before FB even kicked me.

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I don't know what to do.

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The banks would either freeze their accounts or otherwise make payment transfers impossible, this has happened repeatedly to anyone who tries to start up any sort of right-wing internet alternative. It even happened here.

[–] all41 ago 

conservatives love money more then freedom.

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And you think liberal politicians are different? Look at Biden, he is literally one of the most corrupt politicians in history. None of you care about that though right as long as Trump is gone.

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