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A "counting coup" raid. I'm going to run through the casino at our local Indian reservation hitting brown people with a stick and running away.

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I wish you much success. I will grab my favorite coup stick and do the same at Mohegan Sun. I may take scalps too to hang from my lodge pole.

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What are you guys doing for indigenous people's day?

Dump some info about the likely real first Americans (and first in a lot of other places too):




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What do they mean by tools being "salted"?

Edit: also LOL

We got paid to chop into bobo rastas weed patches and dig holes looking for buried slaves. Try that gig. Ive been in machete fights.

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If your city has changed the name of the holiday then you should celebrate that new holiday in the most obnoxious way that you can. Dress up as an indian or wear warpaint on your face or wear a headband with a feather in it and head out to the bars to celebrate it like St. Patrick's Day. Make it so racist that they go back to Columbus Day.

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Columbus might have been a converso. Don't celebrate him.

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What does that mean? Crypto or something?

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converted from judaism to xtianity

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he was a fucking jew. OP is a jew with jew mental illness like a zionist

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Indulge yourself in indigenous delicacies such as crystal drano and 2 for $3 tallboys from the gas station.

Be sure to pan handle on a busy intersection when you run out of funds from the white man's government as well. Then bitch about how it's all the white man's fault that your life is shit.

Edit: Some prairie nigger is downvoting everyone.

[–] Anarchy99 ago 

you mean "jew mans government"

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Forget Columbus, celebrate what Hernán Cortés and his Conquistadors did to the Aztecs, who were a murderous, evil race that sacrificed children and ate human flesh. One of the finest acts of Christendom was the extermination of the Aztecs.

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They should have removed every last one of them.

[–] StBlops2cel_is_Lord 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Propaganda written by the victors. There is no evidence of Aztecs being human-eaters, or engaging in blood sacrifice.

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SO....... None of you knows that ((( Christopher Colombus ))) was a Jew???? This is why he brought the first speaking Rabbi to the modern world. He was also an imposter and stole maps that were kept secret by TEMPLARS for many years. Imposter left with 3 boats baring the Templar Cross as he EXPECTED TO FIND TEMPLARS on the other side.

Unfortunatelly, he landed way up and fucked up from finding Gold in the rich Atlantean lands of Peru (Were you Brothers from Atlantis dwell), and was very short from RIO DE LA PLATA Argentina were Templars got their silver.

What amazes me is that many retards, many of you pose as NAZIS but you are nothing of it. You are matter fact retarded and very badly educated. You are acting like jews or cia kikes. YOU ARE ALMOST JUST LIKE CHURCHILL, just retarded Jew Anglos.

You should know that Natives pray up and call their God the Great Mystery, The Sun... you should know better but you don't.

((( Christobaldo Di Colombo ))) is a Converso Jew / a CRYPTO (Said to be italian) who introduced Judaism to the American continent. Vikings were in America wayyyy before the Jew. As he failed to find gold he will later INICIATE SLAVE TRADE in order to pay for his expedition. Viking integrated the tribes of South America and we find their DNA in the "Tiny Vikings" of Tiwanacu.

All the Spanish endeavour to Mexico and USA led Jews to develop Mexico food, steel, etc biz and Cotton / Slavery in America. YOUR country you call free is based on murder and destruction of Freedom. That was INICIATED BY A (((JEW))).

Voat stop being kikes!


Stop acting retarded and read niggers:

Jacques de Mahieu (SS, Genius, Esoteric Master, Amazone-Andes Specialist, Historian) - Colomb Llego Despues.



Ps: Natives are awesome people, at least they were awesome then. You have let Jews and Masons-Anglos-Carthagenes DESTROY YOUR BROTHERS IN BLOOD. Once you realize those same people will do the same to you....... then you will ALLY WT THE NATIVE. How sad.


[–] Anarchy99 ago 

Puerto Ricans are jews. All your slave merchants were jews.

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How about some scalping?

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