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I feel that /u/she should definitely step down from all moderation positions immediately. This is not just because of the recent debacle in /v/AskVoat, but also because /u/she has demonstrated a desire to repress legal free speech in another sub by reporting that sub to the FBI. Whilst I personally do not support the sub in question (/v/youngladies), so far as I can tell it is not posting illegal content. However, /u/she doesn't like the sub, and, being unable to shut it down from within Voat, has attempted to get outside law enforcement involved, largely for what seem to be intimidatory reasons. I think it's pretty obvious that /u/she wants to control what other people say, even when it's legal. I don't have a problem with someone like that being a member of Voat (though I would rather they weren't, and I certainly wouldn't want to be friends with such a person), but I do feel strongly that a person like that should not be a mod of any sub at all. I hope that /u/she will resign all mod-ships immediately.

I'm largely uncomfortable with /u/shiny because he/she seems to have supported /u/she beyond the point when common-sense would have dictated that it would have been better to encourage /u/she to resign as moderator of this sub. This may be due to misplaced loyalty, but it's left me fairly mistrustful of /u/shiny. It might be better for /u/shiny to resign, or at least take a leave of absence.