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[–] Stoic [M] 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

I'm back in damage-control mode. I became inactive 20 days ago after facing a backlash for the stuff I had put into the sidebar, which included the removal of the question mark as a rule, a link to the /v/disagreebutton at the bottom of the sidebar and a guideline to promote intelligent discussion. I fixed the sidebar.


[–] thuvia_1 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I became inactive 20 days ago after facing a backlash

you'll need to develop a thicker skin, i think, if you're going to moderate a huge sub like this with any effectiveness.


[–] Stoic 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

By backlash I wasn't referring to criticism, but the actual makeover of the sidebar I had made which would lead to the shitstorm we are currently in.

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[–] Stoic [M] 5 points 7 points (+12|-5) ago  (edited ago)

/u/Shiny was simply being supportive of a fellow mod being attacked and voicing his honest opinion: he didn't actually do anything. He in my mind should actually deserve applause for doing that because by doing that he knowingly took and is taking a lot of heat. The problems people have with /u/she are unfounded to the extent that they blame ill intent on her, when in fact she just made a few poor decisions based on good intent. I messaged she to make a statement about this because you can't not engage your community when such an uproar is happening and I hope she logs on soon and does so, but it might be too late for even that. I'd advise her to make a statement which includes a binding referendum on her position of being a mod to this sub. I'll support her character (she is a good person) if she chooses to do so.