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[–] mojoconcarne 21 points 50 points (+71|-21) ago 

I fought the censorship on reddit with fervor. I gladly stand up for what I feel is right regardless or what others think. I believe all speech should be free as long is it is not violating law.

That being said, I think this ? fiasco is the silliest witch-huntiest thing I have seen on voat so far. I just want to look at pictures of cats and articles about technology.


[–] hairless_rock_ape 13 points 39 points (+52|-13) ago 

If you just want to see pictures of cats and articles about technology, Eddit's that way ~>

If you want to support free speech like you so fervently claim, then you will let them speak their mind.


[–] Explodedimp 5 points 33 points (+38|-5) ago 

There's no reason Voat can't be both.


[–] mojoconcarne 10 points 18 points (+28|-10) ago 

It's true they're speaking their mind but they're suppressing someone who was just speaking theirs. They're acting just like the brigading sjw's they hate. Do I agree with what she deleted? No. Do I support SJWs and their agendas? Hell no. Do I think a person has a right to moderate a forum according to its rules no matter their political opinions? Yes. I've read her posts and saw what she deleted and why. I think she's a tad overzealous but not enough for the tidal wave of hate. Voat's supposed to be about tolerance.

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everyone claims to like free speech until they get called a faggot


[–] i_honestly_didnt_kno 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

I fought the censorship on reddit with fervor.

Thank you for your service.


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What did I miss??


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Answer this question! Some of us have lives & cannot live on voat and catch every controversy as its happening, catch us up to date please!


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If you think this is the witch-huntiest thing you've seen, you clearly haven't seen one of the threads that started all of this -

You can't go around reporting subs/users to the FBI. That's completely insane.


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I agree, however what I have been saying all along was that it's fine to remove her as mod for being a terrible power hungry mod but do so without the increasing bias because she's an SJW and without the hellfire and brimstone wherever she goes.