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I think that's often the case. There's some topic that's popular enough that it keeps coming up, but the mods don't like it and don't want to see it (or, again, it could just be the case that they're being flooded with complaints from other users who don't like it and don't want to see it). They aren't willing to face the likely reaction to banning it outright, so instead they cram it all into a megathread.

I think a lot of times too though it's an overzealous (possibly autistic?) focus on "organizing" the forum. I've seen a lot of mods (and posters) who seem to be threatened by too many new threads, as if forum space is a finite resource and we might run out of it if we don't ration it carefully.

I dunno... it makes no real sense to me, so all I can do is watch what they do and try to figure out why they do it.