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Votater in question does have some opinions

Stop there. That's it. Opinions are for discussion, and beyond that mean nothing.

most likely interfere

Hasn't happened yet, so that doesn't matter.

Now that is a problem

About as much of a problem as a potential criminal, which is literally everyone on the fucking planet.

If one single person is causing this much controversy

She hasn't done a god damn thing except talk to people and enforce pre-existing rules. /v/conspiracy is causing the controversy, not she.

and truly cares about community in general

I care about the community in general, but that doesn't include brigades from a bunch of retards with an agenda.

maybe she should step down and let Voat evolve without her

If she does, then these retards with an agenda will be motivated to take out every other mod who dares to disagree with anything they believe.


[–] savageslav 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago  (edited ago)

She is a mod for like 3 weeks. How can you judge her performance at all? What do you know about her or agenda or what she stands for? Do you personally know her? Do you have some interest in protecting her?

Also don't tell me where to stop! Opinions are precisely what destroyed reddit for some of us. If it wasn't for people pushing their opinions on others both of us would be on reddit right now and not on voat. Coincidentally she has a lot of same ideas as people that are fucking up the reddit and people are angry. Can you blame them.

Finally what is it with all the quotes? I wrote like three fucking sentences on something absolutely irrelevant to our everyday lives. Until 5 hours ago I had no idea of who or what /v/she is nor do I care to find out. Who gives a shit is she is the moderator or not. If people don't want her to moderate the sub than she should not moderate it. She didn't create it nor she can claim ownership over so what is the problem?

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[–] Icy-Defiance [S] 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Eh, I can't call them reactionaries either, especially not after receiving that insult for being part of gamergate, even though I'm supporting Sanders this election. Life is far more complicated than that. All we can really say is they oppose the extreme left and they're really fucking paranoid, which is an attitude I've seen in many people who actually identify pretty strongly left.

It's that paranoia that I'm really arguing against here.