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(My bias is towards thinking it's drama)

/u/She is pretty strong in her opinions. She reported some stuff for being child pornography to the FBI, which a lot of people question. She deleted a post for violating the question rule after it had been up a while and was highly commented/liked. Some people think she's pro censorship/is trying to take AskVoat over for the SJW agenda.

Honestly, I think a reasoned approach would be a revision of the /v/AskVoat rules and everyone chilling the fuck out. Also more Mods. shrug but I don't think that'll happen.

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I wouldn't vote for you because

I'm sure she's made some mistakes as a mod, but I wouldn't call for her removal


I still support @she as a moderator.


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I agree. Looks like a shitstorm of hate and short sighted agendas created by vermin just to get a reaction out of people.