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Mods exist to be hated, as they enforce rules that sometimes silence users..

I can't disagree more. A mod exists to keep the community active, and easy to use for everyone. Yes, you have to delete things once in awhile. But, you should use that power sparingly. This post was more of a scientific test of a hypothesis. Should my post be deleted? Probably, it's kind of flaky, but did it include the cheat sheet question mark? Yes. I'm all for rules that make it easy to moderate. But, as a moderator it is your job to go over every little letter and make an ubiased, educated assumption. Not, to take the easy way out, or to be hated. When handled correctly a mod won't be hated, even if they aren't agreed with.

Why does askVoat have to be spammed repeatedly about this moderator issue?

Out of order, but like I said. It was to test a theory. SCIENCE!!!