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Megathreads exist to stop pollution of extremely popular topics from shutting out other content on a sub. Without it, the new content will be nothing but circlejerking about @she and stupid phrases with question marks appended that are just users complaining about rule 1. With the megathread, the talk about she can continue without impacting the regular activity of /v/AskVoat.

That megathread is where all content should go. Otherwise all there would be in /v/AskVoat would be "Hey guys I think we should ban @she ?" posts that aren't even questions but circlejerk comlpaints instead of reasonable discourse.

Anything that the mods say go there, goes there. Anything else, new thread.

Delete new threads that should go in the megathread, with mod comment referencing the megathread. EDIT: also threads that existed before the megathread should stay unmolested.