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Speaking of which, all of their "reasoning" for rule number one was more-or-less eviscerated here shortly after it was posted by /u/she. I find it amusing that they nearly cut & paste it without addressing any of the concerns raised there hours before this was posted. The only change I see is this bit -

It removes subjectivity from our work as moderators, we don't have to decide what is or isn't a question. If it has a question mark, it's a question.


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I suggest removing Rule 1 and replacing it with a reminder that proper grammar and sentence structure make reading more enjoyable. People make mistakes every now and then; some may have injured fingers and can't be assed to click every single punctuation mark but still have a valid question; some may not speak English very well but are still genuinely trying to properly communicate, yada yada. If someone butchers something so badly that you just have to intervene, just make a comment and point out how badly they fucked up their sentence.

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