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Replacing a post that was critical of shit /u/she did, and then putting in a sanitized version without all the bad bits isn't that transparent. Also, /v/modsofaskvoat is a joke in order to put criticism into a place where it will never be read, and everybody knows it.

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No, I do think that the response got better, however there was a small amount of cover up (nowhere near reddit proportions) which was a bit worrying. I do however think that sidelining meta posts too much (sometimes meta shit can ruin subs) is not very good.


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Show me examples of bad shit she did...


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This one is the specific post he's talking about.

It even has the all powerful question mark, yet it was removed based on stretch definitions of "spam, clickbait (wtf), marketing, and self-promotion."

Wanna allow meta posts that discuss sub moderation to be nuked by those methods? That shouldn't have a place here.