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Startpage vivaldi

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Thanks for the new search engine info, I never knew about Vivaldi, it looks interesting.

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its a fork of chrome without the garbage. enjoy

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Waterfox and Palemoon that have been modified to hell and back for classic UI feel, adblocking, privacy, and useability. DDG just because it works and none of the more based alternatives are anywhere close as effective.

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DDG is horrible, use Searx and/or Infinitysearch, DDG is literally just Bing in private mode and Bing is anti-White and has heavily biased search results (not as bad as jewgle, but that's a given).

You're better off using Yandex than DDG.

I haven't tried Waterfox or Palemoon but I will look more into them, they look interesting.

[–] MuricaPersonified ago 

Well aware of the DDG situation. I've tried half a dozen Searx forks over the years and it has always been shit. Have not tried Infinitysearch. Yandex isn't half bad, but the incessant captchas are annoying as fuck.

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(((Bing))) is so kiked though?


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it usually gives me what i am looking for

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Safari / DDG

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(((Kikekikejew))) is trash, I don't use Safari because I use a computer (not an Apple "computer") so I'm not sure if that's good or not.

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Safari can be a pain in the ass because of how it deals with extensions. I use it because it integrates so well with other desktop apps -- that whole ecosystem thing.

DDG probably the least ((())) of the available options in Safari.

[–] Butterbread ago 

Searx search engine is the way to go ever since startpage sold out. Anyone who says DDG should be ignored.

Waterfox and un-Googled Chromium seem to be OK browsers. It's possible that you could use Firefox itself but you have to keep up with all the un-Jewing config scripts.

[–] WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI ago  (edited ago)

These days I think it's best to use many different ones for different activities. None is so trustworthy that you can comfortably use it for everything and trust that your privacy is being respected. Every major tech company is run by sjw's and automatically collects info about users.

You wouldn't use the same gmail address for your linkedin profile, amazon account, and to subscribe to a mailing list for a pro-white internet forum, why use the same browser to visit all those websites? Browser companies are not forthcoming about just how much information they collect about you or how much info they allow websites to collect about you. It could be the case that all it would take is one politically motivated employee with access to the user database at one of these sjw-run companies could have enough info to dox you if they wanted to. Even if it doesn't seem like a concern today, it might be tomorrow, or after the election. Once they have collected that information it's out of your control.

It is smart to assume that they're collecting a lot of info about you and to break up your digital footprint accordingly. E.g. do your general browsing in a browser that you never use to log into any accounts tied to your real name. Use a different browser for shopping. Use Edge for any microsoft services and Chrome for any google services since they will already be collecting that info about you.

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FYI WorfMT, this cunt is a jew.

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Good advice, I still won't use Chrome though, I hate google too much and the only thing I use google for is jewtube.

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