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Avoid kikekikeheeb.

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(((Bing))) and (((Kikekikejew))) suck by the way

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Infinity search let's go

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It gives me 4plebs, murdochmurdoch and anime results, it's pretty good.

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I was going to call out your abominable spelling and grammar, but your user name indicates you’re already well aware of your condition.

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Shit, this was at 3:00am in the morning. I went to bed at 11:30pm. Besides, I'm more math(y) in the first place.

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Qwant...French.. eu privicy rules... fast and good

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Does anyone know why the censorship when down for a little while a few months ago?

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SwissCows is my alt go to

I’ve also seen some use StartPage

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I use duck duck go. I don't use google ANYTHING. If they are gathering ANYTHING on me, they're doing it WITHOUT my consent.

Turn on your cookie approver. TONS of google related "cookies" BEFORE you can visit a website.

DEATH TO GOOGLE. Bait and trap?


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Kikekikego is just bing

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bUt iT dOeSn'T tRaCk YoU