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Good popular music of any genre was undermined by the record industry, just like good movies are now a thing of the past. The internet took away their monopoly on entertainment, and rather than accept their dwindling profits, they'd rather flood the market with low cost shit and breed generations of people who eat it up.

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There's plenty of rock n roll out there being made. It's just not being controlled or promoted by jews media

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Everything has it's lifespan. Rock was born, it grew up, florished, got fat and lazy, sickened, and died. Then something else took it's place. That's the way of all things.

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In the music electronics industry from the late 80s on. Trad rock's last gasps were about then. My company had accounts with a couple record companies out of NYC and I dealt with one of them (WEA). To my contact at least grunge was a surprise as far as how quickly it took off from a regional thing in the PNW. Music was centered out of LA or NYC (not the PNW) and his whole focus before grunge was rap. He talked about how it had hit the center market (Beastie Boys). He considered grunge as rock; I do too as far as how it was structured. It has a lot of the same characteristics. But content of most of it is dark & brooding and many leads .alt, emo, or gothish. It may have extended rock in the mainstream (Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden) a bit longer but it was not the rock that preceded it. It was corrosive. However, it was rap/hip hop that destroyed it. Seemed like overnight the wigger culture developed. Add the shift to massive stadium/autotuned productions as trend drivers and vilifying traditional male culture & roles. Rock from it's beginning was an alpha male dominated music format that enforced norms. How could that be allowed to stand? Rock was a cornerstone of "toxic" male culture and "we all know that's bad". Why else would we get this kind of crap?


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Rap is jungle bunny music.

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Easy answer. The 1996 telecommunications act.


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