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Hillary steps in? Honestly though I think they've got enough drugs and childrens blood ready to pump him full of, to keep him alive

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It would have to be someone who filed to run for the office before each state's deadlines.

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Frankly, I'm amazed Hillary is still technically alive... allegedly.

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weekend at bernies

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Dems give him an elaborate 5 day funeral like he is a beloved emperor, featuring celebrity speeches and musical tributes, all designed to distract the masses from Kamala Harris being the candidate. Think it won't happen?

[–] Thisismyvoatusername ago 

Then the Democrats would decide who to rally behind (probably Kamala) and that is who any electors pledged to Biden would vote for. Remember the relevant vote for picking the President is the Electoral College, not the names on the ballots in the popular vote.

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Bernie had the next largest support base and was the only other seconded nomination iirc.

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He forfeits.

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Idk, given the tendency of the deceased to vote left, he may pick up the undead vote.

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He would be dead.

I think they would up grade Harris to the Candidate. she would pick Bernie as her VP