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  1. Feminists. 2. To make men feel outcasts.

Mens' Clubs were once safe spaces until feminist-inspired discrimination legislation opened them up to the banshees. Seems it's acceptable for females to have safe spaces but not males.

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Men’s Clubs still exist.

They just aren’t really out in the open anymore. Plenty of golf clubs with cigar rooms where women aren’t allowed.

I found a speakeasy in SC once that was men only. And no, it wasn’t a gay bar. It was just for veterans to go and drink.

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Seems you used the apostrophe correctly and I didn't. Keep it to yourself though.

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Speech is violence.

Silence is also violence.

So it is natural that you would need a 'space' that is 'free from violence'.

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Every single time.

the concept of the ‘safe space’ didn’t start with these movements, it started in a much more unlikely place – corporate America – largely thanks to the work of psychologist Kurt Lewin.

Like so many great psychologists of the early 20th Century, Lewin was a Jewish academic

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we know who and its to stop open discussion from happening because that's where learning happens. from someone who knows nothing, grain of salt.

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'safe spaces' or segregation? cos nature did the latter. niggers have only just worked out it suits us all.