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Did you read the first shit post about this? She removed a link that broke an AskVoat rule. Then people are digging through her post history and harassing her for her opinion? You and the other shitposters are acting like SJWs not her.

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Pullitout in regards to her mod request for level 1:

I'll review this request personally. Until I have time please be civilized. This is obviously a big concern to the community and thus to me.

Yet here we are seeking this shit. They need to put voat back into invite only mod, this was not happening then.

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Fucking post it, tired of this he said she said bullshit where they are digging up her personal posts.

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That ask voat rule was/is fucking stupid. "post must include a question mark" who gives a shit?

It's a rule only a petty tyrant or a bureaucrat would care about. I'm guessing /u/she is the former.

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Do you mean blocking users from the site like banning or shadow-banning?

No. No, it wouldn't. Look at reddit.

It creates an enclosed platform that censors people. That's the opposite of what the majority of users want that came over from reddit.

Would you be happy if your account would get blocked the second the feature would get implemented? Would you?

What I could support though is a feature that creates a "invisibility"-relationship between users if someone desires it essentially hiding content each created from the other one.