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Come now. I object to the deletions, but let's not be flippant, generalizing, and insulting while we do it. If we are really all after intelligent, free discourse then we should be doing that, not lowering the bar in an attempt to get some cheap punches in.

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Will someone think of the kids!!!!


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Some people don't quite grasp that there is no difference between disallowing SJWs their speech, and SJWs disallowing their non-PC speech. I don't care how stupid what you want to say is, go make a fool of yourself.


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Really? More of the "intolerance of intolerance is just as bad" crap?

No, it's really, really not. If the people following the ideology consistently worm their way into positions of power to stop everyone else's speech (see: Muslims in Europe), it's not a bad thing to tell them they can fuck right on off, and send them packing back to their land of Sharia Law.