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Really? Good thing this isn't one of them. There have been accusations of varying degrees of SJW-ness, up to and including deleting posts that they didn't like.

I'm looking for examples (or denials).

question for you though: would the flip side of agent provocateurs be white knights? Like the kind that might go around accusing people of being agent provocateurs in order to defend the honour of their m'lady? (by the way, @she may have some surprises for you)

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heh. by asking a question. one question.

But, I asked it relentlessly... once.


So, you can call anyone who questions @she's behavior an agent provocateur, but if someone calls you a white knight for defending her honor, and they are the one mudslinging?


Dude, you jumped to her rescue, with the accusations of agent provocateur, literally within seconds of the post going up. Seconds.

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Really? SRS has everything to gain by destroying Voat and having people run back to Reddit. They de-facto control it.

They have nothing to try to gain control here because the process would be difficult and risky, when they already have what they want.

ummm... what? honestly, what does this have to with anything that I just wrote? are you okay?

But, as a response, why wouldn't they, or similar SJW types, try the same tactics? It's worked for them in the past (e.g. Reddit, universities, businesses, open source). It's very typical behavior. Find something that that is good, that someone else built, insinuate yourself in, then start with the SJW-ness.

Risky? in what possible way? Seriously. Risky? WTF?

Oh sorry. Did I trigger you some how? Is this a safe space you have created so you don't have to deal with concepts you find threatening?

This is funny. I giggled, I did. What part looks trigged to you? Are you just repeating words you've heard elsewhere?

On the other hand, you've made multiple comments to other posts daring to question @she's honor.

No doubt m'lady will reward you by letting you in on her surprise.