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yes, and yes, and it wasn't even political. I own a vintage motorbike, one of only 7 surviving in the world, which "doesn't exist" according to wikipedia and I'm apparently upto no good by trying to correct them.

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Was it a traub?!

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There are probably alternative wikis on motor bikes.

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probably, I was trying to do them a favour by filling in a gap in their knowledge, like they didn't know it existed but I have one in my shed.

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What's it worth out of curiosity?

[–] Talc ago  (edited ago)

about £3500, not particularly valuable. It's a BSA Tracker, was also sold as the NVT Rambler, only rare because it's the BSA badged version, there's still a couple of hundred of the NVT version around. The model itself is only interesting from a historical perspective, it's kinda a footnote, the end of the story of the death of the British motorcycle industry in the 1970s, a British bike brand but made from mostly Italian and Japanese parts. Was intended to cause a resurgence in the industry, was supposed to be a replacement for the Bantam Bushman, but a couple of silly design decisions (eg tiny fuel tank) turned the customers off and they didn't sell too well.

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Yes, and there are often shareblue types trolling specific pages

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I don't know if it's still possible, but you used to be able to see where they were from. I noticed a trend showing several hotspots for (((power users))): San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, DC, Cambridge, and.... drum roll... Tel Aviv.

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Wikipedia is thoroughly kiked. Fuck it.

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I don’t know - perhaps an encyclopedia before they were sold to juden

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I have never been able to edit anything that is left leaning. They are all locked for the next 10 M years.

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Yes, and my edits, which were cited were reverted back by some asshole. It went back and forth for days until I just gave up.

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YES, many times to correct or enhance ACTUAL VITAL FACTS

fucktard jannies reverted it using outright lies every time, even with lots of authoritative links to alexa top 100 news sites

Fuck kikepedia!!!

its a dumpster fire in need of forking

science facts? REVERTED

astronomy facts? REVERTED

biology facts? REVERTED

surgery facts? REVERTED

microbiology facts? REVERTED

DNA human genetics facts? REVERTED

computer history facts? REVERTED

military history facts? REVERTED

corporate structure facts? REVERTED

finance industry facts? REVERTED

nobel prize winner facts? REVERTED

chemistry facts? REVERTED

mathematics topology topic facts? REVERTED

dry useful facts from "CIA World FactBook" oddly missing on Wikipedia? REVERTED


All because I am not a famous Jew on their editing staff.

Fuck kikepedia!!!

never again.

UNTIL THE LOW GENETIC NEGRO IQ is properly acknowledged and its known genes for IQ , then KikePedia is leftist anti-science cancer :


FAILED to find evidence of an association between these genes and general intelligence

Bwah hah haha hah hah!!! IQ is not genetic? Science DNA papers say otherwise.

DNA is well proven to be source of 80% of IQ based on mammoth research studies.

The two bombshell 80% DNA source of IQ studies ! :

2018 : 1,016 genes

paper = Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis In 269,867 Individuals Identifies New Genetic And Functional Links To Intelligence

Nature Genetics (2018) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41588-018-0152-6

Now 1,016 genes are proven correlated to IQ (many are brain , skull, or birth canal related, some might be merely (non-negroid) genes in general.

2018 : 538 genes

UK Biobank DNA yields 538 genes that are linked to intellectual abilities - genetic effects on intelligence and personality


pop science description of the above :

538 genes that are thought to be linked to intelligence (by comparing 300,000 test subjects) :

http://archive.is/pJYfe (original deleted and censored, archive exists)

Fuck lie-packed anti-science Kikepedia!!!

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Thanks for your comment. Here is a report exposing Wikipedia a lot.

You should read it.

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Thanks, I had no idea the lies on wikipedia were a jew policy!!

OMG!!!!!!! Science DNA facts are officially BLOCKED immediately on Wikipedia!


That white people are more intelligent than non-whites.

It is FORBIDDEN to prove that Africans lack any Neanderthal IQ bestowing genes!!!!

It is FORBIDDEN to prove that Africans have lower IQ than other races!!!!

FORBIDDEN officially on kikepedia, no matter what science papers are presented!!!!


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I tried to create a page for a client's business that was the same as already existing businesses on Wikipedia. They were all deleted over and over again for being unverified.

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Yes. Long ago. Two pages. Both removed.

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