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Not everyone requires you to wear a mask. When was the last time you bought grassfed beef from your local farmer or eggs from a neighbor?

My point is that you aren’t around the right people that you should be defending.

One world government means that the meat and plants you eat MUST have pesticides in order for it to continue through a process of transportation.

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I'm being honest. The slide of America into chaos is gunna make for some great tv.

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Australia will suffer the trickle on effects - that is, the Chinese Army moving in.

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Take a walk down the main street of Melbourne, they're basically already here.

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No need. Australian forces on Chinese payroll.

The country China WILL invade is Japan.

[–] xenoPsychologist ago 

and the chinese will have one bullet per soldier!

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Why do I get the feeling Id end up defending your helpless ass?

There are plenty of people who wear a mask at the grocery store and share your world view, faggot. If you can’t figure that out I wonder what else you’re incapable of understanding.

My father in law only has one working lung. Maybe this whole covid thing is a giant fake and gay hoax. I still wear a mask around him because it makes him feel better. I’m not wearing it because some kike told me I have to.

But sure, you can act like a tough guy all you want cause youre a big boy who doesn’t wanna do what mommy says. Go eat pop tarts for dinner.

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Spot on.

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Also because it’s a business privately owned, it’s not a government building. Before this I’ve never seen someone on here try to go into a store in their underwear and when they get kicked out claim muh freedom

[–] xenoPsychologist ago 

doesn’t wanna do what mommy says

not everyone always wants to do what mommy jew tells them.

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sure, and not every courtesy is a jewish trick

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That's an insult to pop-tarts.

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When it comes down to fighting you're going to be fighting primarily for your own life and that of your family. You will by necessity and proximity be defending your neighbors.

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Never give up even when things are hopeless. Did the Aesir give up because their downfall was inevitable? No, because fighting to postpone the fall just one day is worth it.

Don't let others demoralize you.

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I'm Canadian, and I feel the same.

Our plan is to hole up on the farm, and shoot anyone we don't know who comes down the driveway.

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I've had very similar thoughts. My judgement is that these people will happily walk up the ramp of the cattle car and I'll be damned if I'm going to even inconvenience myself for their benefit. I do what I do for my kids and only my kids. Even if I have to blockade our neighborhood with other like-minded folks my defense of the neighborhood is also for my kids.

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I found a mechanic and none of them were wearing masks. They didn't have any signs up saying I needed to wear a mask, they didn't ask me to wear a mask.

It was nice, it felt like I was in 2019.

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