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You can't. No-one can. Subverse creation has been disabled as of ~ a year ago because of DDOS.

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That sucks..What is DDOS..?

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Distributed Denial Of Service. It boils down to flooding a site w requests of various sorts to make it inaccessible. Requesting any page 1000 times a minute overwhelms the servers. It's the same reason the search function now has to be visited at Searchvoat.co . That was another point they targeted for attack.

It could probably all be re-enabled at this point but our Admin hates us now and has abdicated all Admin duties beyond recovering from a total crash.

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What would your subverse be called and what would you post there?

You can always hit random until you find an unused sub, then fill it up with good content.

Or you could also find one browsing through here: https://voat.co/discover

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yup! this marvel subverse was not active :


now its repurposed!

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I was wondering the same thing. Sucks and seems like half the subverses are old and no one is commenting on them.

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I know some have no post's for like 3 years crazy

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That sucks