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Holy fuckballs. I'm still watching the footage and can't believe it. Whole towns!!

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Journalism is dead. What has the MSM shown? A few brush fires. Smoke filled sky. Where is Ben Swann?

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Ive been watching local news youtube channel KGW

Looks like a living hell. I've been thru Florid hurricanes and they look like a walk in the park in comparison.

This has fucked up a lot of bears


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Poor little fellers. I can't watch animals in distress. I've played the Tarrant and Kyle footage several times no problem though lol.

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I just told my husband my theory on this.

In order to be a highly effective operative, you must be able to set a great number of fires, before getting caught. Too many operatives become an obvious liability.

Better to use DEWs and a handful of arsonists as patsies.

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Well, I hope you are multitasking and raising many children as well! Good for you.

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Very interesting that the trees or roadways didn't show evidence of burning. Another guy did some commentary on it as well which I found here. It would seem that arson would have to be suspected for any thinking investigator, however the way those fires took the houses out and specific areas an no trees just seems strange. The same guy who did the video I posted above also did this one where he talks about some "underground lighting" method.

Perhaps the "arson" angle is the obvious rumor to throw off the scent of the more crazy sounding idea of DEWs?

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Seems like it. There are arsonists. Some of the fires just numerically speaking are bound to be natural. But these destroyed towns??? Something real fishy. Looks so much like the 'fire' that destroyed Paradise CA.

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Kinda hard to say from aerial views but it does look suspect especially with the capture you linked.

In Paradise it was very clear.

I bet more evidence will come out.

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There's plenty of evidence already available. Unfortunately people are asleep. There's a war being waged against the populace and most don't even realize it. Scary shit.

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Check this out:


For the disbelievers.

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Chicken wire might be able to ground it out if the wavelength is in the microwave range.
Might look a little strange to the neighbors, but it'd be super damning with the chicken wire house still standing in the middle of burnt husks.

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The houses look like a freakin' bulldozer cleared em out. Beyond strange.

If we hadn't seen it already in Paradise CA I wouldn't know what to make of it.

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@Nukeisrael watch and fuck off.

For anyone else wondering this faggot JIDF agent denies DEWS exist.

[–] TheSeer [S] ago 

He is super sketch.

[–] Nukeisrael ago 


[–] TheSeer [S] ago 

What is your argument exactly?

[–] slwsnowman40 ago 

Wouldn't DEW started fires fall under arson? The definition of arson is maliciously starting a fire.

[–] TheSeer [S] ago 

Yeah, but most ppl are still oblivious about DEW esp. space-based DEW. So just like 'Cuties' is 'raising awareness', so am I, about this specific area.

There is no doubt that low tech arson is also being committed. But it seems to me as a cover. A smokescreen, if you will.

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I suspect the mask mandates, fires and riots are a literal smokescreen.

[–] Commie_Meta ago 


DEW = directed energy weapon.

Total bullshit.As an electrical engineer, I know that heating with radiation is hard. Pretty much the only way is powerful lasers. Which are hard to get and hard to use.

So what is easy? Get a cigarette lighter, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of lamp oil. Soak 'em, place 'em, light 'em.

Fire is easy. No need for elaborate conspiracy theories.

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So your argument is "Its difficult but not impossible". An interesting hill to die on, to say the least.

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