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I don't understand the motivation of the owner's of Voat. Surely they know the reason for their growth, practically the reason for their existence at all is because the SJW have completely ruined Reddit. Voat's success is still too tenuous to allow those evil sociopaths ANY power at all.

On the surface my statement sounds discriminatory - even to me. But that's the thing really. They are using the rules of our society to gain power. And when they get power their actions are identical to every tyrant throughout recorded history. Thus while I will defend a racist's right to be an asshole in public these people cannot be allowed our moral sanction on any level.

They are after Power and they mean to TAKE it. It is the job of every free person in the world to stop the SJW cancer. One does not explain the logical shortcomings of his chosen lifestyle to a mass murderer. There is no reasoning with evil.

If Voat allows SJWs to gain even a tiny bit of power it will be game over for this site. Want to know how you deal with this kind of monster? Look how Egypt handled the Muslim Brotherhood. Morally they are indistinguishable.