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I copied this from my previous comment: - This was deleted about 2 hours ago by @she. The reason given was: "Spam, marketing, clickbait, self-promotion & soap boxing are not allowed"

The voat user was asking for peoples thoughts/opinions on a rough draft "mod guideline" proposal.

She later said it belonged in a different sub. But this is still very much a relevant topic to be asking the askvoat community directly.


[–] ForgotMyName 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

She later said it belonged in a different sub.

Uhh, wtf? Don't talk about the sub in the sub? Where are people supposed to talk about it? That makes no sense whatsoever. At most, a tiny fraction of people are even going to bother trying to figure out where/what the secret sub is and the entirely defeats the purpose of asking the whole sub for feedback.


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The same thing happened after the hostile takeover of /r/atheism back in the day. The entire front page was people complaining about the new rules and the shittiness of the mods, so they made a rule to ban that and pretty much said "talk about mods on this subreddit out of the way, so we can make this blow over quicker."