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There are 7 mods here, and they aren't all here all the time. A single person can only catch so much before they get tired or you know, want to go enjoy the site. If you have an issue with selective application of rule one you have a problem with the mods that don't remove threads based on rule 1. The idea behind rule one is to remove subjectivity from the mods, they don't have to decide if something is a question or not because it automatically is a question with a question mark. If you didn't strictly enforce rule one you would have the same problem you're complaining about, selective application based on subjective mod's opinion. Problem is not all the mods are strictly enforcing the rule.


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Shh, you're breaking the circle jerk (that totally doesn't exist on voat).


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Can you link to some others that have violated that rule and have not been deleted?


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Here they are:

They very tiny threads that could've easily gone under the radar.


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There's one in my submission history. I was grateful they didn't remove it but to remove a thread after it has 300 upvoats is questionable.