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I think that it was determined that the vapid sickness was only found in people who had smoked THC and furthermore found that it was people who smoked sketchy THC cartridges that used Vitamin E oil to suspend the THC in or something like that.

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Vitamin E Acetate is carcinogenic when burned. A lot of black market THC carts used it as a filler. By May the tainted carts were gone.

Source: work in Michigan cannabis industry.

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The issue is that it is an oil that is not soluable inside the lungs. Eventually an oily film coats the lungs and even though you can breathe you can not absorb the oxygen. Once a tipping point is reached where you cant absorb enough oxygen to survive you basically drop dead.

I heard people were using it because it labeled itself as "organic and natural"

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And then they banned flavored cartridges.

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It was tainted vitamin E, specifically.

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Vitamin E acetate.

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True. Since the whole US west is growing all there own cannabis. Mexican brick weed is turned into concentrates are black market THC vape pens.

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Former smoker, now vape. I know, I know it’s gay, whatever. Got kungflu and had absolutely zero lung issue. Didn’t even cough once while sick. Just from personal experience vaping may not be heathy but it’s 1000’s of time more healthy than smoking. The media hit job on vaping a year ago was fully funded by the kikes at the tobacco lobby.

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This is the truth of it...... kikey fuckin kikerman strikes again

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It was a few retards buying cheap chink thc carts and fiddling with them. This was then pushed by an ignorant media and was partly funded by the tobacco industry and their powerful lobbies. All those cease smoking products that are pushed from government are actually owned by the tobacco industry - Phillip Morris -. Also, states are losing a shit ton of taxes from vaping. They are trying to clamp down but anyone with a second grade understanding of chemistry can create their own ejuices. The hardware is also very primitive, works like a lightbulb essentially. Many legislative and corporate interests want a piece of the pie.

Also, there were studies showing smokers had fewer instances of colds and flus. Not an expert and I am certain these have been buried somewhere in the far corners of the Internet. I would assume the same outcome with vaping. You are ingesting atomized PG and VG which would kill a lot of bacteria or viruses infecting your respitory system. Once again I am not a scientist and my claims are baseless. But, in my view I would find this logical. When the controlled, serious studies come out in following years I would not be surprised if there are certain benefits to vaping. I do also think there will be drawbacks although not as lethal as cigarettes (tobacco is far safer when less processed, its cigarettes that kill you) that will be evident.

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There are even studies from the 70s I believe on monkeys that vaporized propolyne glycol prevents pneumonia from attacking your lungs

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PG not only is used in pharmaceuticals, but at least 50% of the vape juice.

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Not necessarily. There are mixes that use more VG than PG. it ranges from 0/100 to 100/0 ratios. Not all vape juice contains PG.

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That was a ploy to get people to smoke cigarettes.

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The Wuhan virus reduces the lung's production of nitric oxide. That's a hormone that increases the flow of blood and keeps fluid from backing up.

Cigarette smoke contains huge amounts of nitric oxide. Yes, it causes damage. But it keeps the blood flowing. It keeps fluids from building up.

So cigarettes may protect fat old folks from the Wuhan virus.

Vaping? Probably not.

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Is it the smoke itself or just the nicotine? If its the nicotine it would benefit vapers as well.

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It is the smoke. As far as I know. In theory, the nicotine has no effect on the virus or the lungs.

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The smoke. The high temperature makes nitric oxide, which helps the lungs during a Wuhan virus infection. Of course it destroys the lungs in the long term.

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What if the real reason POTUS banned vaping is because it was being laced with CCP Virus? Or did I just invent a conspiracy theory!

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There is oil to put on your skin and vape shit you can smoke. They cost $ and $$$ respectively. Someone found a way to save some scheckles

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