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It was also a featured tactic in INSPIRE magazine a few years ago.

INSPIRE is Al Qaida's E-zine for young and aspiring terrorists, designed to influence western based goat fuckers and child rapists, but also read by all the Death to America groups, as well as your local Fusion Center, JTTF, and all the Alphabet Agencies.

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You are -> <- this close to figuring out who was funding ISIS.

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Oh I know. I've seen that radicalism first hand, here in the states. I even had a dual US/UK citizen Muslim operative try to recruit me because of my secure area access and trying to play on some of my anti-government views. Tried to get me to travel to Spain, then ferry over to Morocco and onward for training. A couple days after I reported him to the FBI he disappeared, no longer working with me, nobody knew where he went, if he quit, etc. I assume he is either enjoying a beach view at Gitmo or got recalled to Londonistan.