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How I think of it is through analogy:

The only method for gaining strength is by utterly and completely decimating your own body. You must make yourself burn with horrible pain until your body numbs those regions affected. Then, and only then, can your body heal to become far more stronger than you ever were before.

So no. I am sick of political correctness because it makes us weak. I am sick of political correctness because when we give a shit about every single possible goddamned thing that could possibly offend us we burn bridges. Our divisive PC bullshit only serves to tear reasonable people apart. Because it supports bullshit notions such as "zero-forgiveness."

I hate PC because PC is the anti-thesis to compassion. Love your neighbor; turn the other cheek. This wisdom is thrown away by the PC police. They pretend to be moral, but all I see are people drunk on their own conceited ideals- incapable of basic morality.