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Yup. And way too many white people fell for that stupid lie.

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Obamas not even black. Hes Indonesian. Thats why he "grew up" in Indonesia and looks like Indonesian president Joko Widodo, Ilham Anas and other Indonesian people



They lie about alot of things including their race, like Kamala Harris, and Pocahontas

[–] TheLesserApes ago 

That's fucking crazy but what about his kinky hair?

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niggerlovers will believe anything

[–] Mrwarmind ago 


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This is why we dont negotiate with terrorists

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It's never enough for niggers. They more they have handed to them, the more they want, and the more deeply they hate those who feed and clothe them.

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first it was welfare

then it was snap benefits

then it was section 8 housing

then it was preferential hiring status

then it was preferential promotional considerations

then it was diversity mandated quotas in college applications

then it was minority requirements for government contracts

then it was minority owned businesses get special tax breaks over whites and males

then it was give us a black president to prove you aren't racist

then it was black criminals who attack police shouldn't be killed

next it will be reparations

all this because white men built the greatest country in human history that values hard work, determination, and intelligence all three of which blacks have shown time and time again to lack and due to their tremendous failures as a race it must be those wight wacists holding the blacks back and not as a result of their own horrendous actions.

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Your username is the answer

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That nigger Obama sucker punched the nation.

Unfortunately too many people let their guard down or we’re just fucking stupid.

Never let your guard down around niggers.

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They always lie.

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Obama is the best liar I've heard speak during my lifetime. He lies constantly, but he is so smooth, so sincere about it, as if he believes in his own lies. Maybe he does, who knows? But they are still lies.

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Bill Clinton and Obama both are very charismatic, you have to hand it to them for that. They'll spoon feed you lie after lie, and people just ate them up and asked for seconds.

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I mean, anyone who cared to know knew his attitude about America. The kind of white people that voted for him are self-flagellating.

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