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I disagree with their statement. I'm sick of political correctness because it's created a climate where people are capable of dismissing a position because the person making it made a distasteful comment about an unrelated topic, rather than honest consideration of said position.

Edit: I was asked by @icantthinkofanewname to share this post of she stepping down from /v/admin's modteam four days ago for visibility.


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It's gonna be great when Trump is president


[–] weezkitty 10 points 47 points (+57|-10) ago 

As much as I hate political correctness, Trump would not make a good president. He is too much of a fool

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[–] RunsWithScissors 15 points 19 points (+34|-15) ago 

That's not really political correctness though. There are two kinds of political correctness.

The original (and good type) of political correctness is just being, well, correct. For example, if someone has suffered a stroke and can't form syllables as well as most people, instead of referring to them as "stupid" or "retarded," the correct term would be "language apraxia." That's the politically (and medically) correct term. Or if someone is attracted to members of the same sex, we would refer to them not as a "faggot" (politically incorrect), but instead, "homosexual" or "gay" for short. "Faggot" is pejorative, and also, inaccurate (a faggot is technically a bundle of sticks.)

That's one kind of political correctness. Using accurate and non-pejorative terms to refer to people.

The other kind of political correctness is where political correctness is used as a subterfuge for censorship. For example, it's not "politically correct" to refer to people like Donald Trump as racist homophobic pieces of shit. Instead, we have to pretend that Donald Trump is a valuable part of some meaningful debate. Or, we're expected to not refer to bigots as bigots, but instead, "traditionalists."

The difference is that the first kind of correctness, where we refer to people with Down Syndrome as, well, people with Down Syndrome is actually a matter of accuracy. The second kind of political correctness isn't a matter of correctness at all. It isn't correct or accurate to accept hate under the banner of "diversity of opinion," but that's the subterfuge to get it accepted.


[–] ThizzBoss 18 points 35 points (+53|-18) ago  (edited ago)

Hey look at this faggot cuck pushing a PC narrative, and it somehow managed to sneak in a Trump insults.


Edit: I'd also like to point out that words like retard, imbecile, and moron started out as medical terms but now we aren't allowed to call someone with mental retardation retarded anymore because of faggots like the one I'm replying to. You can't even call a midget a midget anymore without hurting their little feelings.


[–] Zardoz 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

"Faggot" is pejorative, and also, inaccurate (a faggot is technically a bundle of sticks.)

Slang isn't 'technically inaccurate' ya fag. no more than you calling Trump a piece of shit is 'inaccurate' because that would be an actual segment of feces.

To the OP: There is no reason to delete or censor or give any special moderation to racist, sexist or 'homophobic'. Somewhere along the groupthink line of internet tradition everyone just started accepting that these are unallowed or should be rules and for no reason I can see. a forum for kids? you can make that argument yes. For adults I see no good reason why sexism, racism etc need to be banned, suppressed, deleted.


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The original (and good type) of political correctness is just being, well, correct.

No, the original meaning of the phrase "political correctness" was speech used to toe the (Communist party) line. So if by "correct" you mean "self-censorship in the face of a totalitarian government" then yes, you're absolutely right.


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No the two kinds of political correctness are the good kind: voluntary. And the bad kind: mandatory aka excuses for censorship


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I would argue that bigoted language, slurs, and sexism are not attempts at discussion or descriptions of a position. There is something to be gained by an equal communication verbiage that allows a deep and balanced discourse. I do also notice that columnists, popular speakers, and other media personalities often use the call against PC to mean, "let me be a bigot, fool, or hateful" and seem more inclined to push priorities and power than lay out a position. More inclined, but not exclusive. I haven't really been paying attention to the News, Politics, or World News section of Voat though.

I'm not really replying based on the situation, or the mod, since I have no idea whats going on there.


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So you're saying I should take the opinion of /v/niggers regulars on women's issues at face value? Better yet let's seriously consider /v/coontown opinion of optimal tax rates. Bigot, racist and stupid perspectives are a pretty good indicator that an individuals perspective isn't worth considering...but I'm sure you take SJWs opinion of the gaming industry with an open mind