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Political Correctness, or rather, forcing other people to comply with it is not only not "good." It is downright fucked up; it is downright immoral.

A) The punishment is hugely imbalanced. People who receive disparaging statements don't fucking lose their livelihoods over it. For some reason, the extremists believe that they should.

B) PC hurts the very same people they're trying to protect. Whenever you play along with an emotionally or mentally damaged individual playing along with their perceived reality actually makes it worse for them.

C) PC advocates are becoming more depressed and angry. If you call a person an idiot for their entire lives they will begin to act the part. If a person considers them-self a "victim" than they will act the goddamned part. Additionally, constantly checking what you're about to say, scanning for things that will upset nearby people, is roughly the same line of thinking as that which brings about depression.