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I think a thread that garnered that much activity should not be removed for something as petty as pronunciation. A warning would have sufficed. It was obviously removed for other reasons.

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Seriously. I've wound up deleting and reposting threads in the past because of a minor typo I caught immediately after clicking submit. There should be a window of a few minutes to ninja edit titles just like there is with body text, with some way of editing titles afterwards with an "edited" notice. Either allowing the mods to do it for cases like this, where the rules require some piece of punctuation or a date or what have you, or just allowing the users to do it wholesale.


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It was obviously removed for other reasons.

Yup, violating Rule 1 of this subverse, Rule that was set before @she even became a mod of the subverse, a Rule that has been applied by @she as well as other mods to remove all sort of things, even _perfectly legitimate questions that were just missing the question mark_, and oh look, @she removed even obviously SJW posts following that rule! (exhibit A, exhibit B)

If people have an issue with Rule 1 and think it should be changed because it's too prone to abuse, _discuss the change of the fucking rule_, not the integrity of the mods applying it.

(FSW downvoats in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...) EDIT: eh, called it.


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We've brought it up to her, but she constantly refuses discussion about it. I myself have brought it up. Deleting a 100% upvoted thread because there's no question mark is absurd.


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My point was entirely lost on you.

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If you were being objective, and I don't think you are, would you at least be able to understand why the sentence:

Post titles must include a question


would make plenty of people think that the rule has fuck all to do with punctuation and everything to do with making sure questions are asked? Because that isn't even a proper sentence and certainly doesn't say, "must include question mark". I mean, for sure someone would interpret that as include the punctuation, but many other completely reasonable people would not have and would have seen nothing wrong with the post. Great conversation had already taken hold, a warning with some clarity should have sufficed and any reasonable person can see that. Given more rational alternatives existed and the mod who removed it was the subject of the post, I think we can apply Occam's Razor here and at least understand why a thinking man would see the obvious bullshit and not just a moderator applying the rules evenly and fairly.