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I feel stupid for saying so but i honestly didn’t think it through like that before. Amazon is honestly no more than a glorified courier at this point.

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I do this on Etsy all of the time. Most sellers mark things up 50% because Etsy takes so much. I will also point out that if you buy directly from a website, many times the products will come with better customer service or a warranty. I bought a nice filtration system directly from the manufacturer and a small tab broke. They sent me a brand new one after looking up my order. If I had purchased through amazon, no free replacement.

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More like a dispatcher. Where I am, the courier if Fedex, UPS and USPS.

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What op is saying is slightly true. Most of the time when i do what OP is saying it is more expensive and there is shipping. Also, a lot of sellers only have an Amazon presence. So in theory OPs post works but not in practice.

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Haha I felt dumb when I read this.

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Wahahaa .... now imagine how you're gonna feel when you understand what it means !! ....

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I have been abusing Amazon by using them as a search engine only like this for years. It's nice to see someone drumming up support for the method.

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i find things on amazon, then look them up and find them cheaper on ebay. slower shipping, but at least it isnt amazon.

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I get on eBay, I order one license plate and they’re like HEY YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS ONE TOOO. I look. OH SHIT I DO LIKE THIS ONE TOO. HOW DID YOU KNOW? Before I know it I dropped 500 bucks on license plates.

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Don't worry, they have so many shill reviews and such a crappy search you can't really use it for that either.

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I pretty much only have the app to price compare for local sales so that I have a good idea of what ballpark to make offers. It and ebay.

[–] 2017Fallout ago 

Me too

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Use Amazon as a catalogue, not a supplier

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Sears sucked fat balls. They thought they were hot shit, crashed and burned when they found out they weren't. Same will happen to Amazon, would have happened already if not for (((US gov))) propping them up.

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I'm tired of their fucking vans blocking the flow of residential traffic. Stop being lazy, cunts. Visit your brick and mortar stores or they will soon be gone.

Still pissed the video rental store closed down near me. They had everything and it was always a good nostalgic trip to pick out a movie. Fuck Kikeflix and having to login and have a subscription with a brazillian different services that charge you monthly.

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Visit your brick and mortar stores or they will soon be gone.

GOOD! I'm fucking tired of going into EVERY SINGLE STORE and having some illiterate nigger do nothing and all the shelves are bare. Every fucking time I go into any god damn store they have no idea what I am talking about and never have anything in stock. Fucking Lowes and Home Depot are HARDWARE STORES - every fucking house in the entire god damn country uses 1' and 3/4" PVC pipes yet these places are constantly fucking empty. Every time you ask Tyrone or D'Quan for help they have no fucking idea what you are talking about. "What a breaker panel be?" "Wutchu mean by SAE sockets?" "A 25 ohm resistor? Sheeeeiiiiittttt" followed by the inevitable "Well we could order that for you"

Yeah no shit, so can I. And it would be 20% cheaper and delivered direct to my door.

I had my over the range microwave die so I ordered one from Lowes. 2 months later it still hadnt shipped. Meanwhile the one I ordered from Amazon cost 80 bucks less for the exact same model and was delivered and installed 4 days after I clicked buy. Brick and mortar stores are dying because they are shit. Go into a hardware store and see if the 60 year old divorced housewife in electrical can help you with....well, anything. Not only do those cheap fucks keep staff at a minimum so you get the pleasure of standing in line for half an hour to check out, they charge more for the same shit to pay for all those idiots they have """""working""""" there doing nothing. The exact same power drill that Lowes wanted to sell me for 120 bucks I got on Amazon for 70 and it came with a charger and a battery and was on my porch 2 days later. No driving, no looking, no getting some coon to pull one from the stock room, no waiting in line, no taking it back the next day because some asshole opened the package and took some of the accessories. Fuck brick and mortar stores - stock your shelves and hire someone who bathes and has an IQ above room temperature, maybe then they wouldnt be worried about competition.

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This is 100% your fault for choosing to live in a shit hole.

I live in a small city in central Oklahoma. The store is well stocked. The staff are polite and helpful. Checkout waits are generally short. Customers are generally pleasant. Often I see families wearing traditional clothes, including bonnets on the girls. I think they are Seventh Day Adventists.

There are also three farm and ranch stores, two independent lumberyards, and an HVAC/plumbing/electrical supply store. All with friendly staff and customers.

The Lowes and Home Depot stores in north Oklahoma City are pretty nice too.

Seriously. Move. Even moving to the other side of town might be enough.

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and has an IQ above room temperature

Finding productive, non-subsidized work for low-IQ people (~50% if the population) is going to get harder and harder as robotics and AI continue to improve. Eventually even clever people's work could be threatened by AI, but simpletons' work is in immediate danger.

Amazon already uses robots to stock shelves and pull product. We've all seen the gourmet burger vending machine. It's a serious problem and so far, no one has a solution

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You obviously live in a trash place full of niggers and degenerates. Where I live, the shop staff are knowledgeable to the point where they can tell you what shelf of the particular aisle that item is on, even if they work in an area halfway across the shop.

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I shop st the local hardware store, owned by the man i personally know, who pays taxes in my community, and spends his profits at other locally owned stores in the community. If you dont want to deal with niggers, move away from niggers.

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Brick and mortar are just too expensive. Theyd rather not sell than make a discount, even if they still have margin. Theyre idiots and deserve to close down

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Paid $13 directly to a company for shipping a part that would fit in an envelope.

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While Chinese sellers pay less than a dollar to ship that... from China.

[–] Usernamenameuser 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

Sounds about right. UPS starts at about $10. You know why USPS can send envelopes for 50 cents? Because the rest of the cost is pad for with tax dollars. Whenever you send anyrhung through USPS, you're not the only one paying for it. Everybody is.

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call them and ask for a coupon code. i've done this successfully 50% of the time.

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Stop giving money to Starbucks too. Over-priced garbage and they ALWAYS fuck up your order. Never setting foot in that crap hole again.

They need to stop calling themselves a coffee house and start calling themselves Fivebucks Fake Shakes.

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Multinational corporations are occupying powers now.

Mixing politics and business that way they have is outrageous

The state of consumer allegiance to brand names is so bad that they could force people to swear allegiance to democrat politicians or be refused coffee, and customers would do it..

[–] AlternateSelection 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Absolutely right. Clueless employees refusing to serve police officers or Trump supporters. Completed retarded behavior. You can hold whatever political opinion you want but keep it to yourself and do your job while on the clock. Another rule, you do NOT fuck with people's food no matter who it is. I would still serve food right even if it was for the Wicked Witch. Messing with people's food is against the rules no matter who you are.

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When you think about it the entire business model of Amazon is so jewish in that it is nothing but a glorified middle man profiting off the backs of everyone else's products / achievements. Once again kikes not doing any labor themselves just facilitating transactions under the guise of convenience

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Yup, this is why I drop in a business card that doubles as a coupon with everything I ship.

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What kind of stuff do you ship

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Dick pictures, I bet...

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