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That is a good question.

Why don't the sidebar rules follow simple grammatical rules?

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Let's break it down.

Post titles must include a question "?"

That is not a sentence, is ambiguous as to whether the quoted question mark means that the post title must contain a question or a question mark or both, and should be completely rewritten.

Links must include a detailed description

This looks like a declarative statement, but since punctuation is completely absent, I suppose it could be a question instead.

Spam, clickbait, vote manipulation, self-promotion, marketing, are not allowed

This is not a sentence. Lists separated by commas are grammatically correct provided a conjunction is also used - with or without the Oxford comma - after the penultimate item in the list. As there is no punctuation mark, I am not sure whether this is intended to be a declarative, exclamatory or interrogatory statement.

The only clear choice here is to delete all of the rules for not using proper grammar.