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Take a look at the moderation log.

She is the primary perpetuator of this pedantry.


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Yes, but she's only following the rules. It's obviously a petty rule, but it's not like she's acting outside the bounds of the rules. Moderators are supposed to enforce rules, and only act when they're being breached, and only as the rules say they will. That means that she can't just opt out of enforcing that rule. She might be the one doing most of it, but she's only doing her job as a moderator and enforcing the rules. #

They might need changing, but don't crucify her for that. If anything, she'd be doing wrong to not delete those submissions. They are breaking the rule. Whether the rule is correct or not is a different discussion, but She isn't doing anything wrong by enforcing it so long as it continues to exist. Moderators have to adhere to the rules as much as users.


[–] zoetry 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

If you look at her recent posts, She's actively defending it as a rule.

If anything, she'd be doing wrong to not delete those submissions.

I think you're thinking about it all wrong. "I'm just following orders" is not a valid excuse for bad behavior.


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Yes, but she's only following the rules

When I just started investigating, it looked like this, but then she started lying and declaring things "spam" that werent, etc.

The problem with most SRS members is that they know how to be deceptive and they know how to cover their tracks on a shallow level.

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You seem upset.