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Project Veritas might be interested in it.

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++ They'll worry about secure posting and obfuscating your identity, too.

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They make themselves very available. Here's everything one would need:



Telegram: +1 914-653-3110 or @veritastips

Wire: +1 914-653-3110 or @veritastips

Signal: +1 914-653-3110 or @veritastips

Dial 914-653-3110 to leave us a tip by phone or voicemail.

By US mail:

Project Veritas Cc: Ops Team

1214 W Boston Post Rd, No. 148

Mamaroneck, NY 10543

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Absolutely. Forward it to them OP.

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You can find the recording and post it online, along with the name of the org.

So we can shame and boycott them, as well as give us actual evidence of antiwhite activity to use against idiots who claim its a conspiracy theory.

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Just like with Goodyear. Name them and shame them.

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Also post pictures of the bitch and the ceo

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names and addresses please the cops are getting overworked maybe its time we start protestjng these people in their homes too

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Yes, please post. If you're publicly traded, it's a good time to short the stock. If you're not hiring good people on merit, the merit of your company is going to the toilet. Short.

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ProTip: DO NOT short stock based on your morals or political views. Don't ever buy it either for those reasons. Practice due diligence: use either technicals or fundamentals or both. When it comes to investing your opinions and biases will kill you.

[–] Putzmiester ago 

I dont knowing you have noticed this but we have been balls deep in anti white hiring policies for the last decade. And companies dont suffer at all, because the government just bails them out. Failure is incentivized for these companies!

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Exactly was thinking this, the company would be destroyed.

[–] ScottMAGA 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

No, it would be fine. Everyone already knows that companies prefer to hire non-Whites, so this information, when released, won't be "news".

[–] Sarcasticus 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago 

The HR gal verbally responded that yes they’d delay hiring Whites In favor of POCs.

This is racial discrimination. Get the fuck out of dodge and sue them if you're enterprising.

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Get a white to apply for a job. He can sue if he's qualified and he has the recording. You need to get a copy of the recording, That's really important.

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This is really the most effective way to do it. Have the perfect candidate apply, then sue. Repeat.

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Employers have the right to refuse applicants, regardless of how qualified they are. There's even "over-qualification" which can bar some folks from certain jobs.

I don't think this is the way. It could be a piece of evidence to the larger puzzle though....

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I think what they are doing is illegal. Contact these people they'll let you know for sure.


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Ah yes, I'm sure the government jews that hate whites for a living will help you.

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Better than sitting on your hands and complaining on a thread about it.

This advice combined with a boycott involving naming and shaming is pretty effective, even now. Get woke go broke doesnt happen without awareness of the issue.

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the more the system openly presents itself as inconsistent the legitamacy of their authority will continue to be eroded.

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They'll never not turn down a payday.

[–] watts2db ago 

Oh I’m sure they already have a solution to this problem they created for us but rest assured it will cost us

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Not a lawyer, but this sounds like a clear violation of the EEOE Act which was designed to protect most US employees from employment discrimination based upon that employee's (or applicant's) race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The EEOE does not make any exceptions for 'White' people either as preferred or non-preferred nor does it elevate any other race. Your HR department is operating outside established employment law. Sadly it will take litigation to prove their willful shirking of the law, but this one should be pretty clear cut unless the case is brought before an activist judge who would rule against the spirit of the law to help non-whites.

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The previous company I worked for which was essentially a mom and pop business of 12 employees told me flat out that all new hires were to be diversity hires. I don't believe it was their intent but they acknowledged that their suppliers and government entities were pushing for a more equal representation. Our hiring process became a joke, quite literally forcing anyone who applied to physically come to the office (to ensure their ethnicity which they were unaware of) to evaluate them. Many came in but the only praise that was given was for visible majorities. They hired a pajeet, a muslim (named Mohammed) a jogger, a chink and an abo or what we call an indiginous up here. Guess what happened? All have flopped out except pajeet. How many better qualified and practical candidates were simply tossed aside for this fiasco. This is in northern Ontario.

I decided the company was not a good fit (also since my future co-workers kept disappearing) but I was not the only one. At the beginning of the year we were 13 and had expectations of doubling that number in the following months. They are now at 6. All the skilled employees have left.

Also on a side note pajeet who is a dedicated clockin clockout type is constantly on her phone talking to family members on the phone (even relatives in India), refused any work I assigned to her even though she was hired to assist me as a dedicated PHP developer. It took months for her to even grasp the basics and flat out refused to learn Laravel for a new project for over 4 months. Yet say one word of this and I would have been skewered.

This shit needs to stop. I have dealt with this situation several times in my career snd it does nothing but divide the workplace and force the working Whites to shoulder more of the burden. I miss my old Canada like you wouldn't believe.

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The world runs on the one or two whites actually doing work while the minorities goof off, whether it be web development or even grocery stores. I learned this during my entire employment history, but I'll figure something out.

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Factory worker here. Fuck the stereotype of the "hardworking mexican". We have a dozen of them that just fuck off literally all day and two white dudes who do all the work.

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I believe EEOC stuff doesn't apply for companies < 15 people so they were just getting their Bigot Extra Credit on.

[–] Secret555 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Canadian company so I am not sure about the legality. It was just their general attitude that the workplace needed to be more diverse because better??? I understand a smaller business needs to use every angle they have but 5 employees that were virtually worthless, you would think they would take notice. Anyways, I am gone and they can sleep in their own bed. I am quite happy with my new job as my entire team of devs are White, straight engineer types.

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For being in the same situation I'll give you some advice.

First things first, make sure your company knows that your the type of guy that doesn't take shit or blame for something they didn't do, this is a double sided sword however and you always own up to your own mistakes without being forced to.

Secondly make damn sure that any form of "teaching" or "training" wording is not on your resume. That is not the same getting a new coworker up to speed on how your company does stuff. This is being forced to take a jr. employee and basically train them how to do their job.

I had that happen to me twice now, they hire some fucking moron who should have never stepped foot in there and they try and plop them off on me. I instantly go to my higher up and utterly refuse to work with the fucking idiot. I tell them flat out to pull up my contract and show me where it says "teaching". And follow up that with if I wanted a teaching job I would have gone that route. Make it very, very fucking clear your not going to do it and they are going to have to fire you if they have a problem with it.

How did that work out? One place removed the jr. employee and dumped him on someone else. The other place had a problem with it, tried to keep pushing but I never backed down, ever. Long story short they ended up fired me for bullshit reasons. They knew it, I knew it, but they essentially paid me off to go away. Funny thing was I was about a week away from quitting having made the final round of interviews somewhere else.

[–] Secret555 ago 

Thanks for the response. I do believe the idea of training in the workplace has gone askew. Yes, being a co-worker with a little more seniority does not necessitate the need to be a trainer. Especially when there is no financial benefit. Also, insubordination is something I am quite accustomed to having been in the military. The disdain and utter insurbordinate attitude of the younger generation is utterly offensive.

Like I replied to another user I have moved on. I now work on a strong team of independent workers who assume responsibility to ensure their employment. I might be a little old school in nature but I would have it no other way. We live in a perpetual clownworld and I will just have to adapt. As always and forever until I depart.

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I miss my old Canada

What happens if you travel north a couple hundred miles? The population of Canada is huddled up against America for warmth. Out in the cold, bleak wastes you might be able to find your old Canada. Of course you won't be able to find income.

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He said Northern Canada. They are drop shipped in everywhere.

[–] Secret555 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

I am already considered north. Everything above Barrie is pretty much thought of as the boondocks. They ship foreigners everywhere now. Much like the Obama policy of spreading the mess to every community. Yes, you can go north but I work in tech and already where I am at is crimping my style and realistically I am earning half of what I could be earning down south.

The issue with Canada is that we are so vast that the further you move from the big population centres the higher the cost of living and you have to be very flexible in taking any opportunity you can when it comes to work. The old Canada is gone due to the constant propaganda and the fact that our economy is highly based on a vast social assistance network. No one is going to vote against their trough being filled. Without welfare this nation would be in dire straits.

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Let me apply, give me the recording, and let me sue the shit out of them. I’m a stem guy.

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Actually, this is golden. We set up an over qualified guy, and have guy on inside that states he would hire the applicant. Then sue using video evidence.

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