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[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 

Blood doesn't make you family, it only makes you related.

The family unit is a bond to protect shared blood, and a bond between natural opposites (femininity and masculinity) creates a shared responsibility to maintain the balance in between them.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

Being related to someone does not mean that person is worth preserving.

There are countless instances of family members committing rape, murder and theft against their own.

Loyalty makes you family, blood only provides a basic premise for such.

[–] Blood-is-Nature ago 


Nature defines what is, and nature is in constant motion, which means that it defines that you can only ever use the liberty of freedom of choice to make assumptions about other things in motion; not proclaiming if they're true or false. Freedom of choice means you can still do it, but it represents you ignoring motion, which is a negative action leading to negative consequences; such as..."family members committing rape, murder and theft against their own".

Loyalty makes you family, blood only provides a basic premise for such.

Loyalty is a contractual bond under the laws of men; not under the laws of nature, where all is one in energy. We are not loyal to each other, we are in the state of coexistence; bound to the same rules, and operating on the same agenda of self perseverance. Take the marriage license for nature; the bond between male and female is about their adherence to the survial instinct. All our senses are designed to bring the seed and the egg together for procreation, and the resulting offspring creates the shared responsibility to maintain this ecosystem to protect the shared blood within the offspring. The entire line of actions is based on an instinctive need; by instincts we receive from nature. It's the demand; the responsibility that bounds us to the laws of nature; to the contract of upholding life over death.

The marriage license under the laws of men is about tricking humans to consent control over that bond made on freedom of choice to criminal parasites, who then get legal access to the natural bond between male and female, into which they can then pour in their poison; starting with divorce, peer pressure, greed and envy through capitalism (jewelry), protective custody, the birth (slavery) certificate, women in the workforce, manipulation of working hours, feminism, cheating promoted through sexual liberation and so on. Marriage and the resulting attacks on the family unit are all aiming at the blood.