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The best part is when they claim they deserve respect because they gave birth to someone who gave birth to me.

Right... when I was homeless as a young teenager and had to sleep in a forest in a childs sleeping bag, when indians were attempting to murder me dozens of times for my wallet on the streets, and you left me out there... Is that the respect you mean?

I grew up with no clue about how the world actually was, with a bunch of lies and false morals in my naive innocent skull, waiting to get smashed out by the first middle aged savage who saw a defenseless kid. That respect? Yea, you totally deserve that respect, you fucking twit.

I heard a story when I was younger about how my grandfather dragged her into the basement and put a gun to her head. At the time I wondered "Why would anyone do that?". By the time I was 20 I realized it was more of a case of "What did you do to deserve that, you mongrel cunt?" And in the past 10 years she has proven my instincts were correct. She will call me names when I drop statistics and sources on her, offering nothing more than emotional reactions like "You're a bigot" "You're like Hitler" "You're biased". The reality is I've educated myself, and she's nothing more than a retarded tier bitch.

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Homeless and Indians tried to kill you? The fuck are you talking about you liar