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Its great for luls. There are 4 types of people

I. Long head turning stares

Ii. People who pretend like you are invisible

Iii. Dudes who are clearly vets: "dude thats fuckin awesome!"

Iv. People who comment saying its nice, but i can tell theyre a bit uncomfortable. I tell them, "i know... It actually works, covers my eyes, and works on tear gas too... 2020 you never know"

It has a built in straw for a canteen adapter. I think im going to purchase it so i can drink with it on... I feel like im invading iraq when it gets hot out.

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I saw some youtube videos where kids went in to Target and other places with hazmat suits. Got kicked out for "making customers uneasy." lol. What the fuck do they think the customers are doing walking around with masks on? They're not alarmists? OK doomer.

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Its all about virtue signaling and compliance; compliance can be seen in other non security focused enterprises: take for example the body scanners at airports... They dont do shit, and we knew that before they were contracted (fyi you can sew paraphanalia in your sides and the output is 2d so anything flagged isnt against your body, and thus blends in w the background).

Anyway thats about compliance... Lift your arms up citizen. Welcome to city 17.

Its about the final transformation of the individual into what Jünger developed as the "worker race;" replacable parts with no culture, no unity - consumers without essence.