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It’s just cities. Even in the Midwest cities the rate of idiocy has absolutely skyrocketed.

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What freaks me out is where I live it’s the “brightest and best” area of the uber-wealthy North Shore of Chicago and everyone’s wearing masks. You’d think that at least these people would be smart enough to question the science and everything else surrounding the CovidHoax, but nope. Lotsa mask wearing in the fresh open air. It’s beyond retarded. Especially when I see people wearing them in convertibles.

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I live in the Republik of Cambridge MA - you wanna talk liberal hell hole? I work among the scientific elite - they ALL push for the masks - but here’s the b*llshit - you’re damn right they know better...they just go along to get along. Their liberal ideology is all about “let’s get along no matter what”. If that means forgoing liberties and freedoms so what - they’ve already given away their morality to that cesspool called Progressiveness .