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2020 wasn't exciting enough on its own so my immune system went ahead and destroyed all the atrioventricular nerves in my heart. Now I'm a Bluetooth enabled cyborg. I spent 5 days in the ICU without a mask and none of the doctors or nurses cared. The room had a negative pressure hepa filter though. I'm now on immune system suppression drugs, so I'm wearing a mask when in crowds and using hand sanitizer whenever I walk by a bottle. I believe that to be a rational precaution on my part considering my circumstances. I'll still walk down main street and buy an overpriced cup of coffee without thinking twice. In general I think the mandatory mask enforcement is silly. A pet store employee tried to tell my wife she needed to put a mask on our 22 month old daughter the other day. She wasn't necessarily rude in her response, but she did talk to him like he was an idiot. So many people like to larp and feel like they're part of the bigger drama going on. I just want to keep my family happy, do meaningful and productive work, and not die prematurely from systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease.