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[–] dataanalystdude 1 point 37 points (+38|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I wear an m17 for luls

I wear it it to costco

[–] Phantom42 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

Get out of here Stalker.

[–] AnotherGrayman 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago 

Anu cheeki breeki iv damke

[–] rumorhazard 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

You're a true patriot

[–] MASSIVENIGGERCOCK 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I hope to Christ you wear the poncho with it

[–] dataanalystdude 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

I wore it to microcenter before summer. The problem is it makes me feel like a wrestler wearing trash bags to cut weight.. Gets extremely hot.

[–] dummythicc 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

I have yet to wear a mask but fucking hell I would wear this lol

[–] dataanalystdude 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Its great for luls. There are 4 types of people

I. Long head turning stares

Ii. People who pretend like you are invisible

Iii. Dudes who are clearly vets: "dude thats fuckin awesome!"

Iv. People who comment saying its nice, but i can tell theyre a bit uncomfortable. I tell them, "i know... It actually works, covers my eyes, and works on tear gas too... 2020 you never know"

It has a built in straw for a canteen adapter. I think im going to purchase it so i can drink with it on... I feel like im invading iraq when it gets hot out.