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In early March, yes. Now, no.

Early on we didn't have as much confirmed info available. We didn't know how deadly it was, how contagious it was, how it spread, etc.

Much of that confusion was from the conflicting reports designed to mislead people. Regardless, I knew there was something going on, and figured corruption was at play, but I played it safe for a while.

Now there's no longer PPE shortages, we know how it spreads, we know who's at risk, we know how to treat it, and we also have made adjustments to our society like splash screens in front of cashiers.

With this new info, and availability of proper PPE, literally NO ONE is at risk anymore. If you are a morbidly obese organ transplant recipient on immunosuppressants with COPD, stage 25 diabetes, and heart arrhythmia... you better don a full face respirator even when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Point being, if you want to protect yourself today, you can. And you know what you're up against. And the curve has been flattened, there is no shortages, and society has adjusted to be less germ-spread friendly.

Furthermore, it's quite obvious the case numbers are being tweaked. Even the CDC data shows a significant decline in deaths.

I'm firmly against mandatory mask wearing for the obvious tyrannical implications. I don't mind recommendations, or offering people without masks a mask if they want one.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a mask, but mandatory mask requirements can bite the dust.

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We need some kind of mailing list or way to unite with each other. There are a lot of us but we aren't connected.

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Yeah. I stopped talking to much of my liberal family and wish I could connect with some goats or find like- minded people near me. You in the Midwest friend?

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Where's tallest_skil to shut you down?

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Yeah? What ideas do you have for it?